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Sleepy Hollow, The TV Series (2013)

It’s long been a truism that TV is formulaic. Predictable. Banal. It’s understandable, I suppose; money’s tight, and producers want to be sure their investments are getting the most people watching so they stick around during the break to buy … Continue reading

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The Horseman Will Ride Again: Fox is Adapting Sleepy Hollow for the Small Screen

Some stories won’t ever die (and shouldn’t)!!  Washington Irving’s, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” has been adapted more times than Joan Rivers has been cut.  Audiences are fascinated with the endless cartoons, films, and TV movie adaptations of this short … Continue reading

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Len Wiseman Set to Direct Universal Reboot of The Mummy

You know Len Wiseman.  He most recently directed the TOTAL RECALL remake, launched the UNDERWORLD franchise, and even gave the DIE HARD franchise a shot in the arm with LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD.  And now, according to deadline.com, Wiseman … Continue reading

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Total Recall Remake Goes Viral!!

If you live in a big city you may notice a lot of new artwork hanging around advertising the services of “Rekall.” If you don’t live in a big city have not fear … I’m bringing the viral advertising to … Continue reading

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