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Wolfcop (2014)

There are supernatural creatures which have reached across cultures and centuries to become almost universal, albeit with some interesting regional variations: ghosts, vampires, zombies, demons… Jerry Lewis… and then there are werewolves. Of the things that haunt movies today, werewolves … Continue reading

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13 Eerie (2013) … Not the Best Nor the Worst

In collecting background material for this review, I visited IMDb, and found myself reading an interesting thread about some of the comments and ratings that are put on that site for particular movies, and how some seem to be written … Continue reading

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Trailer for ’13 Eerie’ Drops

I stumbled across this one the other day and I’m glad I did.  The film is 13 EERIEand it looks pretty bad ass!!  13 EERIE is directed by Lowell Dean, written by Christian Piers Betley, and stars Brendan Fehr, Katharine Isabelle, Brendan Fletcher, … Continue reading

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