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Apocalypse Z (a.k.a. Zombie Massacre) (2013)

Say what you like about Uwe Boll. That he’s a talentless hack. That Uwe (pronounced “oovah”, which coincidentally is the same sound a script makes when it’s dropped into a garbage chute) knows less about filmmaking than Copernicus. That he’s … Continue reading

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Official Trailer Drops for Uwe Boll’s Zombie Massacre

What’s it been … like 2 weeks since the last Uwe Boll flick dropped? Well no need to fear!! Boll is still as prolific as ever and the trailer for his upcoming ZOMBIE MASSACRE has dropped for all of us … Continue reading

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Upcoming 2012 Horror Releases to Keep Your Eyes On!!

I was scrolling around on YouTube the other day and came across a plethora of horror movies slated to come out sometime in 2012.  Some I’ve heard of, others this is the first exposure I’ve had to.  Check them out … Continue reading

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