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Marc Forster Explains Why The Original World War Z Ending Was Changed

In a word, it was lame!! You might remember all the stories when WORLD WAR Z was filming about the production going over-budget and that the entire original ending was reshot.  But until now, no one related to the film … Continue reading

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World War Z (2013) … It’s Not Bad, But It’s Not Great

We’ve all read the stories about what a disaster this film was during production.  Going over budget (waaaaay over budget), script problems, pacing issues, etc.  But now that the film is in theaters there’s only one thing that matters:  Is … Continue reading

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The Ending May be Fixed, But Now Paramount is out to Prove that World War Z Doesn’t Suck!!

It’s long journey is almost over.  WORLD WAR Z has had a long and turbulent road.  It began as a novel, written by Max Brooks, and was an unabashed runaway hit.  It was inevitable that WWZ would end up a … Continue reading

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Official Trailer for World War Z Drops

Yeah yeah yeah … we all know the story and pain behind the making of WORLD WAR Z.  Over budget, delayed, reshoots, postponed release dates … etc.  But at the end of the day all these things don’t mean s**t.  What … Continue reading

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