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Upcoming 2017 Horror Films … Let the Trailers Begin!!

Here are some trailer for upcoming 2017 horror films. These are looking pretty tight!! Enjoy. The Blackcoat’s Daughter — Written and directed by Oz Perkins and starring Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, and Lucy Boynton, this one is about two girls who must battle a mysterious evil … Continue reading

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Ridley Scott Announces Name of Prometheus Follow Up

Ridley Scott’s scifi-horror film PROMETHEUS was easily the most divisive film of 2012. This film divided fans right down the middle. Even with all its flaws, I loved PROMETHEUS and really enjoyed the many high concepts it explored. With that … Continue reading

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Ridley Scott to Produce New Alien Film with Neill Blomkamp Directing

This is both big and very exciting news. Twentieth Century Fox is moving forward on a new entry into the ALIEN franchise. Ridley Scott is attached to produce and Neill Blomkamp will be directing. The as-yet unnamed ALIEN project is separate … Continue reading

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Prometheus 2 Lands a New Writer

Now that some time has passed I can readily admit that I was very easy on PROMETHEUS in my review. I saw the good things in that film and unlike most audience members and reviewers I understood completely that PROMETHEUS … Continue reading

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