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Chupacabra Territory Now Available For the Hunt!!

Chupacabra Territory has recently dropped and is ready to be consumed by hungry viewers. Chupacabra Territory is written and directed by Matt McWilliams and stars Sarah Nicklin, Michael Reed, Alex Hayek, Bryant Jansen, Elliot Book, and Donnie Brinker. Check out the press release and trailer below: Begin the … Continue reading

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Atomic Brain Invasion (2010) … Good Old Fashioned Space Invaders

In recent times there have been an awful lot of films paying homage to the classic horror films of yesteryear. HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN pays homage (brilliantly, I must add) to grindhouse cinema; DEATH PROOF to the exploitation flicks of … Continue reading

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Protect Yourselves: The Atomic Brain Invasion is Coming this October!! See Some Stills & the Trailer

Do you like the cheesy alien-UFO invasion flicks of the 1950s & 1960s?  I love them!!  They are true slices of Americana that really reflect the era they were made in.  Well the ATOMIC BRAIN INVASION promises to take us … Continue reading

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