The Face in the Window: Another Kick Ass Halloween Short Film

Man-o-man. We’ve been lucky this Halloween season. Hollywood has completely dropped the ball as far as releasing any quality horror films this year (hell; they barely released any horror films this season). But the good old indie horror scene has (once again) picked up the slack and has provided us with some really great short films for Halloween. There’s been the Beat Down Boogie Crew’s FREDDY VS JASON – THE REMATCH, PREDATORS: THE TRUE HORRORS OF HALLOWEEN, and THE NIGHT CALLER (to name a few). All of them have been original, scary shorts perfect for Halloween (did I mention they’re original? Oh, I did? Good). Well here’s another one to add to your Halloween viewing list. THE FACE IN THE WINDOW (directed by Gene Blalock) comes to us via Seraph Films. Not familiar with Seraph Films? Well check it out (from their website):

Welcome to Seraph Films Presents: a series of monthly short films. We are a collective of indepdent filmmakers that come together to produce new short films that premiere the last Friday of every month. These non-genre based films are part of our effort to create unconstrained, great stories, letting our ideas run wild, and premiering them to you. Please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to be the first to know when a new film premieres.

I’ve already bookmarked their website and YouTube page!! Here’s a little about THE FACE AT THE WINDOW:

seraph films presents:


Fate leads the willing, and drags along the reluctant, twisting destinies to it’s liking, and damning those who dare stand in its path. For one loving couple, a moment of carelessness leads to an inevitable trip into hell, with a visit from a true monster. Make sure you are prepared as you travel to your Halloween parties, dear friends, for fate waits around every curve.


Turn off your lights, turn up the sound, switch to full screen at 1080p.

And now here’s the short. Tell me what you think about this one. I really enjoyed it.

Stay Bloody!!!