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Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

One morning, a producer from Lionsgate Films was driving down Hollywood Boulevard, snorting Diet Coke while a proto-starlet sat beside him hoping her cleavage would score her a role in the POINT BREAK reboot, when he accidentally crashed into a … Continue reading

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Trailer for Leprechaun: Origins Drops. And, Um…

Well… What can I say? I’ve watched it, rewatched it, and it, um… Some background first, perhaps. Anyway, LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS will be the seventh in the franchise, and an apparent reboot which usually means taking a character back to its … Continue reading

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Next up on the Remake Block … Leprechaun!!

A huge Thank You to anythinghorror.com reader, Mark Slocum, for turning me on to this project!! ———- “Where’s me gold?” is a phrase that will forever be a part of my vernacular!!  Whether it’s collecting money that my friends owe … Continue reading

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