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The Boy (2016) … Toys & Boys

Thanks to EvilQueenB for this review of the recently released, THE BOY!! —– I always get excited when horror comes to the big screen. Granted I don’t get to see as many horror films in the theatre as I would … Continue reading

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International Trailer for Wer Drops

Remember THE DEVIL INSIDE?  Yeah I know … I’ve been trying to forget about it as well.  This was the exorcism film that was supposedly “approved by the Vatican.”  Yeah, right!!  Well the creators of THE DEVIL INSIDE are back … Continue reading

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The Devil Inside Duo to Next Tackle Werewolves … Oh Joy!!

Further proving that no modern day exorcism movie will ever defeat reining champion, THE EXORCIST, the writer-director team behind THE DEVIL INSIDE, Matthew Peterman and William Brent Bell (respectively), are next taking on the werewolf genre.  Well at least they aren’t gonna … Continue reading

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Red-Band Trailer Drops for The Devil Inside

I’m doing exactly what I told myself I wouldn’t do. I’m letting myself get excited for THE DEVIL INSIDE. Every time something new is released for this film, hitting theaters on January 6th, 2012, it looks better and better. Now … Continue reading

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