The ABC’s of Death (2013)

"D is for Dogfight" will blow you away!!

Usually when I get my hands on a new horror anthology I’m excited and eager to see it. But of late the horror anthology has taken a turn for the worse. Yes, I’m referring to the boring and extremely overrated V/H/S (my review). That film was enough to get me off of horror anthologies forever. … Continue reading

Red-Band Trailer Drops for The ABC’s of Death … Blood Will Spill!!

ABCs of Death banner

Finally!!  I’ve been waiting to see the red-band trailer for the upcoming horror anthology flick, THE ABCs OF DEATH, for a while now. THE ABC’s OF DEATH is a feature film produced by Ant Timpson & Tim League. A project made up of 26 individual chapters by 26 directors that showcase death in all its … Continue reading

New Stills & Artwork Drop for Paris I’ll Kill You … I Hate Mimes!!

Paris I'll Kill You banner

New stills and artwork for the massive horror anthology, PARIS I’LL KILL YOU, have dropped and if you think you hated mimes before, well just take a look.  PARIS I’LL KILL YOU boasts having ten of horrors most “prolific directors” contributing stories to this anthology.  The directors are: David R. Ellis (FINAL DESTINATION 2, SNAKES … Continue reading

New Artwork for The Farm & News on Future Grindhouse Films Drop!!

The Farm banner

All things have a way of circling around and reappearing.  Take the grindhouse film, once considered the red-headed step child of the genre, the grindhouse film has made a come back of Herculean proportions!!  There’s films like HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN and FATHER’S DAY that pay tribute to this sub-genre and there’s films that like … Continue reading



As far back as I could remember, I always wanted to be a survivor. And I’m not talking about surviving some reality show. I mean surviving when everyone else was dead. Surviving the End of the World. My favourite movie from a very young age was Charlton Heston’s THE OMEGA MAN. I imagined myself as … Continue reading

More Casting News for James Wan’s House of Horror

House of Horror banner

A little more news is seeping out about the upcoming James Wan produced, HOUSE OF HORROR, written by Max La Bella. According to, actress Maria Bello (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13) is in final negotiations to star in HOUSE OF HORROR. Director Xavier Gens (FRONTIERS) was previously attached to direct but … Continue reading

A Ton of Clips Hit the Web for Xavier Gens’ The Divide

The Divide banner

The PR machine behind Xavier Gens’ THE DIVIDE has been really picking up steam lately. Written by Karl Mueller and Eron Sheean and directed by Xavier Gens, THE DIVIDE stars Lauren German, Jennifer Blanc and Michael Biehn. Here’s the plot synopsis: In this graphic and violent, post-apocalyptic thriller, nine strangers — all tenants of a … Continue reading

Gens’ The Divide Opens with …. a Food Drive!!

The Divide banner

That’s right; the highly anticipated Xavier (FRONTIERS) Gens flick, THE DIVIDE, is opening up on January 13, 2012 and in some select theaters there’s gonna be a food drive to support and help generate more buzz about the film: Select theaters screening The Divide will be hosting a canned food drive with those audience members … Continue reading

Trailer & Stills for Xavier Gens’ The Divide

The Divide banner

No one can ever say that I’m not a fair person. I always give everyone and every project a shot. Take, for example, Xavier Gens. In 2007 Gens wrote and directed FRONTIER(S). The film got fantastic reviews from both critics and fans alike. I thought it was extremely boring and predictable. I hated it. But … Continue reading

Xavier Gens to Direct James Wan’s Next Project

House of Horror banner

You know the James Wan is the unspoken toast of Hollywood. Wan is the man who started the very lucrative SAW franchise and then went on to make the uber-hit INSIDIOUS, which grossed $97 million worldwide and has an estimated budget of $1.5 million. Yeah, chew on those numbers for a second!! Well Wan is … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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