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Death Note (2017) … A Netflix Original

Netflix continues to add to its ever evolving catalog of viewing entertainment. Its newest film addition is an Americanized version of the popular Shonen Jump’s manga series Death Note. Death Note created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, is the … Continue reading

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New Anthology, Best Body Horror of the Year, is Now Available!!

If there is one sub-genre in horror that I find truly disturbing, it is that of body horror. From the master of body horror David Cronenberg’s films (The Brood, Rabid, Shivers, Videodrome) to Clive Barkers writings to the modern day … Continue reading

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Hack/Slash is Back!

Cassie Hack has been my horror comic book Goddess since I started reading comics, many moons ago. Created by Tim Seeley, Hack/Slash told the story of Cassie Hack, who becomes a misguided youth when her mother kills her classmates because … Continue reading

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Music Lyrics That Could Be Horror Movies

Music always tells a story and therefore, it has become an integral part of our lives, you can’t really go anywhere without hearing a tune on the radio, in a commercial or a film. The horror genre itself has really … Continue reading

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