Get Out (2017) … Stepford Wives Remake?

No doubt, one of the biggest films of the year is Jordan Peele’s Get Out. This film took audiences by storm and managed to make $230,878,614 worldwide on a meager $4.5mil budget. I finally got around to seeing this film and was curious to experience what all the hype … Read More...

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Slashback Thursday: Horror Films of 2010

Welcome back! We have 2010 horror films on the slab and there were several worthwhile horror films for this year. Here are a few of the flicks that got my bloody attention.

Piranha – A small town is turned into a bloodbath when a small earthquake unleasthousands of hungry piranhas. … Read More...

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Horror Pre-Orders

If you’re like me, then horror movies are a big part of your collection. If you’re looking to expand out that collection, here’s a rundown of a few horror films that are currently available for pre-order.

Get Out

Jordan Peele’s successful horror film comes to blu-ray on May 23rd. This … Read More...

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The Horror Films That Shaped Me As a Fan

We all have a handful of horror films that helped shape us into the horror-loving fans we are today. Recently, I was thinking about the films that I grew up with that really sparked my love of the genre, and ten films immediately sprung to mind. I admit that not … Read More...

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