1st Look at SyFy’s Mongolian Death Worm!!

That’s a big friggin’ worm!!

It’s that time again folks!!  For those of you who like your movies wild and crazy, SyFy Originals (the minds behind Mega Piranha) are airing Mongolian Death Worm this Saturday, May 8th at 9pm/8pm central time.  The plot  concerns a treasure hunter Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints, Young Indiana Jones) and a U.N. aide worker Victoria Pratt (Day Break) who find themselves battling local bandits while searching for Genghis Khan’s secret tomb in central Mongolia. The crypt is guarded by man-eating Mongolian death worms, who grow very angry at being disturbed.  And you know if its a SyFy Original those worms are gonna be big and they’re gonna growl!!  And look for an interview with star Sean Patrick Flanery in the next few days.

Click the link below for a small sneak peek at the action.  I must say that the CGI looks better than other SyFy Originals!!  It looks fun, and how can ya NOT like  a movie titled “Mongolian Death Worm”??  Click Mongolian Death Worm and enjoy!!

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8 Responses to 1st Look at SyFy’s Mongolian Death Worm!!

  1. l3pr3chaun says:

    O.K. I just watched this steaming turd and have to say the acting was so bad I was laughing. It has camp cult classic written all over it. “How do we shut down the plant?” “I am not authorized to shut down the plant.” “Well who is?” “My supervisor.” “Ah ha, Now that I have the gun I’m in charge and we will shut down the plant” “I only know how to do it in an emergency” “Great, how do we do that?” “We have to do it manually” “How do we do that?” “We have to go down to do it manually ( and into the den of the worms)”……OK who writes this crap?….LOL…..The actors/characters either overacted to the point you might have thought they were teaking out or were so wooden in their performance they could have been extras as trees in Sherwood Forest for “Robin Hood”. Oh dear lord and the f’ing worms…..LOL……nice creature effects…….nice…..SYFY originals are the campy best!

    • I haven’t seen it yet but am gonna watch it tonight (Sunday). I actually watched Couples Retreat last night. Oh the horror!!!

      Everything you describe about Mongolian Death Worm is what I’ve come to expect from a SyFy flick!! Can’t wait to see it!!! So what happened to Sean Patrick Flanery???

  2. l3pr3chaun says:

    Holy guilty pleasure batman! This movie looks so dumb that it might actually be entertaining in a it’s so bad its good way. I might have to check this one out.

    • I hear ya!!! Judging by the trailer the f/x (although CGI) look better executed than most SyFy flicks. I also sat in on a conference-style interview with Sean Patrick Flanery. Very nice guy who doesn’t take himself or his movies too serious!! I’m putting together my article on the interview.

      I think it’ll be fun!!

  3. Well… you know my stance on scifi original movies. 😛 I may have to watch this one just so I can yell at the screen and curse SyFy for mangling another legend. I mean, it’s not like there aren’t descriptions of it. They could have at least made it red.

    I’m such a stickler for accuracy when anything “true” is depicted. According to descriptions that I’ve read, the Mongolian Deathworm is suppose to be completely red and look something like a discarded cow’s intestine (its Mongolian name means intestine-worm). And it’s found in the southern Gobi, not central Mongolia. Sorry to be a joykill, but this irks me.

    The Wiki for the Deathworm is pretty good if you’re interested in the “real” cryptid.

    • I can hear the “loathing” in you words Candace!!! I don’t think SyFy hired any historians or zoologists to keep it accurate. My guess is the meeting went something like this:

      Special f/x Guy: Ok, I took out 10 books on the myth of Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Death Worm. This way we can keep everything fairly accurate.

      SyFy Executive: Fuck that … just make it really big and scary.



      • I have no doubt you’re right, though 10 books? No, all they had to do was look at the wiki for the barest hint of authenticity. It makes me worry what swill they’re going pass off as true about Ghengis Khan.

      • Earlier today I sat in on a tele-conference interview with Sean Patrick Flanery. He talked about Mongolian Death Worm and really made it sound like a fun project. He was honest about it being what it is and nothing more!! I liked and appreciated his attitude. I think it’ll be a fun movie; just don’t expect ANY historical accuracy.