Hatchet II To Be Released Unrated?; More News on Hostel 3; Neil Marshall’s Next Project


Could I possibly be anticipating this release any more??!?

In perhaps the greatest and most jaw-dropping news in quite some time, Adam Green’s HATCHET II is getting a theatrical release and it’s being released UNRATED!!  AMC Theaters is going forward with their decision to release HATCHET II in their theaters sans the MPAA rating.  This is huge news and goes well beyond just this release.  Let’s say HATCHET II ends up being a gigantic hit making tons of money.  This could very well change the face of future genre releases.  Just look at what that snooze-fest AVATAR did for 3D.  If HATCHET II makes a ton of money this will open the door for other horror filmmakers to release flicks without that ridiculous MPAA rating.  So needless to say; we all need to go out and support the f**k outta HATCHET II.  Just imagine; this one film could usher in an entire new genre era like we experienced in the 70’s and early-80’s!!

HATCHET II will be released in AMC Theaters on October 1st.  Seek out the nearest AMC near you … I already have!!  Here’s the green-band trailer.  Enjoy:


Actor Kip Pardue.

Movement is starting to pick up on the third installment in the HOSTEL franchise.  A cast is slowly signing on to play the victims and heros in HOSTEL PART 3.  First up; Kip Pardue has signed on to play the lead.  You may know Pardue (or not) from such genre outings as DEVIL’S POND (2003), the 2007 remake of THE WIZARD OF GORE, and 2008’s STAG PARTY.  Yeah I know; not a list of genre movies that’ll blow your socks off, but at least he has some genre acting experience under his belt.  Also signed on is Brian Hallisay, who’s been kicking around various TV shows like COLD CASE, WITHOUT A TRACE, MEDIUM, and BONES, and Sarah Habel, who was in the horrible BUTTERFLY EFFECT 3: REVELATIONS (2009).  I’m guessing based on Hallisay and Habel’s resumes that they’ll be victims and not the “heros”.

HOSTEL PART 3 is moving its location from some s**t-hole Eastern European country to Las Vegas where a bachelor party goes terribly wrong.  What’s up with Las Vegas being the setting for these upcoming genre flicks.  The FRIGHT NIGHT remake has moved from a middle-America suburb to Vegas and now HOSTEL PART 3.  I enjoyed the first two HOSTEL flicks; they weren’t fantastic or genre-defining but I thought they were entertaining.  I also think what made them semi-successful was their setting in Eastern Europe.  It was that whole stranger in a strange land who has nowhere to turn when they are in trouble.  But being in Vegas makes the location familiar and the threat level decrease.  The whole vibe is gonna be different and I feel it’s gonna turn into more of a VACANCY flick (blech) than the previous HOSTEL flicks.

Cutie Sarah Habel.

HOSTEL 3 is directed by Scott Spiegel (who directed FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 2 and has been acting in the genre since the 1st EVIL DEAD) and produced by Eli Roth.  You know me; my mind is always open, but I’m not getting a good vibe from this one.  I’ll keep you updated as more info comes in.


With his latest film CENTURION (see my review here) in a limited theatrical release, Marshall is looking to the future and has seemingly decided on his next film.  For his next outing, Marshall will be going UNDERGROUND; although in a very different way from THE DESCENT.  According to deadline.com:

[Marshall is] set to direct UNDERGROUND, a David Cohen-scripted horror thriller set in the world of gourmet underground supper clubs. Now, considering the cannibalism that Marshall featured in his post-apocalyptic film DOOMSDAY, who knows what he’s putting on the menu?

Neil “The Fucking MAN” Marshall.

This film really appeals to me for 2 main reasons:  First; it’s being directed by Neil freakin’ Marshall, and second; it appeals to the chef in me (I’m a chef-instructor at Le Cordon Bleu).  The protagonist is “an ambitious young chef who ventures into the terrifying underbelly of extreme cuisine.”  The potential here is huge and it certainly sounds like a much welcomed return to straight up horror for Marshall.  Don’t get me wrong; I loved DOOMSDAY and CENTURION, but I’m ready for him to come back to straight up horror.  I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this project closely.

Stay Bloody!!!

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3 Responses to Hatchet II To Be Released Unrated?; More News on Hostel 3; Neil Marshall’s Next Project

  1. l3pr3chaun says:

    Marshalls film sounds like a serious version of “Eating Raul” meets “Motel Hell”! YES!


    • Nice comparison Bill …. EATING RAOUL & MOTEL HELL!!! You can just imagine how dark and twisted an urban cannibal tale will be when pushed through the Neil Marshall filter!! Bring it on.

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