The Soska Sisters’ New Project Coming Soon

Hey everyone.  I just got an email from the Soska sisters that put me in a VERY good mood.  You remember Jen and Sylvia Soska right?  Well let me refresh your memory with just 5 little words:  DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK.  That’s right, the creative and brilliant minds behind the gory fun DEAD HOOKER are at it again.  I promised the sisters that I wouldn’t go into too much detail about their new film; they put a private, “eyes only” trailer up and I am one of the lucky ones to see it.  The new film is called AMERICAN MARY and Jen and Sylvia wrote, directed, and produced it.  But they also decided to keep the same talented people involved with this new film.  C.J. Wallis (who wrote the original music, did the cinematography, edited, and did the visual f/x for DEAD HOOKER) is again doing the cinematography and editing and is also a producer on AMERICAN MARY.  I know you remember C.J. Wallis … he played “Goody Two Shoes” in DEAD HOOKER!

Now I know I’m being pretty cryptic about the Soska Sisters’ new film, but lucky for all of us we don’t have to wait much longer.  They’ll be releasing the teaser trailer on their website on December 11th.  So in less than a month you’ll be able to see why I’m so excited about their new project.  But you know to keep your eyes here at and I’ll be filling you all in on the exciting details of the Soska Sisters’ new film as the info becomes available.  And from the looks of the teaser trailer for AMERICAN MARY it sure looks like we’re all in for more bloody, gory fun!!  Stay tuned and …

Stay Bloody!!!

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