Update: Darkest Night Wraps Up Filming

Just got word about an indie horror film that has recently wrapped up filming, and it sounds like a solid project.  The film is called DARKEST NIGHT.  Here’s the plot synopsis:

The film is presented as a part-documentary by a TV announcer, Danny Valencia, from “found videotape” he discovered at the site of a 2003 tragedy in the Philippine Sagada Mountains. There are a few interview scenes at the beginning, but most of the film is the main story.

On December 25, 2003, an upscale Filipino family gathers at a remote place in the mountains, some distance from any town, for a Christmas Day reunion dinner. Their holiday is disrupted by a series of bizarre, supernatural, and deadly events. The group is cut off from civilization and plunged into darkness by forces that defy natural laws and shut down all modern technology. One by one, the family members die or disappear in weird and horrific ways. The few who are left, including the main character Susan, struggle for survival and against family conflicts, to find out what is happening to them and how to survive.

Finally they discover to their own shock, who their true tormentor is, as well as how and why these terrible things are happening. Is it too late to keep the rest of them from dying? Is the fate that awaits them even worse than death or hell? Does a mystical book they find hold the key to controlling the dark forces that threaten to unleash ghosts and demons of an evil past? And finally, can they trust each other, or even themselves to contain the fears that threaten to destroy them? Suspense and mystery keep you unsettled and guessing till the very end, when the fate and outcome of all is finally revealed.

This is a psychological horror film with intense Gothic family drama, suspense, action, and terror. It contains a minimum of gore, violence, and graphic special effects. There are no cliché or oft-used thrill gimmicks. The viewer is led step by step into a dark world of sinister and fantastical events, where the familiar meets the magical, and your most cherished loved one could be your mortal enemy. On the surface, it’s an entertaining and truly scary thriller. However, for those who want to probe deeper, the story has multiple layers of characterization and thematic depth, including commentary on modern “advanced” society and technology, as well as its impact on our closest family ties.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it!!  Well check out the press release:

DJ Perry Leads Asian Invasion: Filipino, American and Malaysian Group Finishes Shooting Horror Film ‘Darkest Night’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Gothic Productions International, a Philippine company funded by U.S. independent resources, has finished shooting it latest production, a horror film titled “Darkest Night,” in Luzon. The film has almost all Filipino actors, as well as American DJ Perry of “The 8th Plague,” “Wicked Spring” and many other popular U.S. horror films. The film also sports Malaysian talent, to round out its international cast and crew.

Versatile actor/producer Perry has never abandoned his humble horror roots despite starring in more mainstream films such as “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” (Lionsgate) and “Wicked Spring” (Ardustry). Some of his horror films showcase relatively common themes, for example, “GPS,” playing currently on the U.S. Chiller TV. However, he is constantly challenging himself to seek out projects with a unique twist or edge. Still trying to find its home in the U.S. is the mystical “Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation” that played theaters and festivals around the world. “Karma” was filmed in India. Now he is just returning from the Philippines where he completed filming on “Darkest Night.”

This international film is already creating a splash in the Asian media with Perry being among the first American stars to film in the Philippines with a local film company. In media talks, he credited Asian filmmakers for revitalizing the horror genre and influencing a stagnant U.S. horror scene that limps along on remakes and sequels stripped of originality.

At best, most “original” U.S. horror films are remakes of Asian films that somehow lose their magic in translation, according to Perry.

“Darkest Night” came about as a collaboration between Collective Development Inc. in the U.S. owned by Perry and business partner Jeff Kennedy, along with Gothic Productions International in the Philippines. The goal was simple – to create a hybrid horror film that would appeal to both eastern and western markets while not losing the edge that makes Asian horror unique.

Gothic International Pictures is managed by American writer/producer Russ Williams, a long-time resident of Malaysia, and director Noel Tan best known for his early documentary work with Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. “Darkest Night” includes various Asian talents from the stage and screen.

“Darkest Night” unfolds in a “found video and documentary” style. Its story plops American Perry right in the middle to allow western audiences to experience a “holiday” trip away from home. Eastern audiences will identify with the many vivid Asian characters, as well as the local and family setting. Perry’s character in the film, Ken Tyler, is introduced to the traditional Filipino parents of his Filipino fiancé, Susan Reyes, played by Anne Gauthier, during a Christmas Day family reunion. What follows is a dark, horrific trip not to be missed, as demonic forces come into play.

The film is now in post production and will have a November or December 2011 premiere. This opening is expected to be followed up by theatrical play in the Philippines and then across eastern Asia. Talks are currently underway with distributors in the U.S. for the rights.

1“The world is getting smaller due to the way we communicate,” Perry has said. “And soon we will have more international stars of TV and screen versus just national or territorial stars.”

GPI was founded in 2010 by a group of dedicated filmmakers from Asia and the U.S., with the mission to produce and encourage quality, independent Gothic and horror films in an Asian setting. Its goal is to make excellent films in these genres and to promote Asian filmmakers who wish to make new, cutting-edge Gothic-dramatic films. GPI’s primary goal is to create productions with intense drama and real characters.

“Darkest Night” combines western demons with eastern spiritual traditions to come up with an original recipe for suspense and terror. You can check out the film further by visiting its Facebook page. Also, the GPI website contains additional information about “Darkest Night” at: http://www.gothicproductionsintl.com/

Check out the stills and I’ll keep on this one for the trailer when it’s finally released.  I’m always game for a good demonic film and this one sounds like it’s hitting all the right notes.  I’ll stay on this one.

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