Big Casting News for The Last Exorcism 2

actor Colby Boothman-Shepard

By the very nature of the title of this film, should there really be a sequel?? In the same sense isn’t THE NEVERENDING STORY false advertising? Any who …

According the their page (and we know how accurate is), THE LAST EXORCISM 2 has pretty much completed it’s casting. The sequel is directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly and written by Donnelly and Damien Chazelle. If you remember in the first film, Nell (Ashley Bell) was possessed by a demon named Abalam who spoke through her. Now apparently said demon has a face… actor Colby Boothman-Shepard. No word yet on whether Shepard will be spending some long hours in the make-up chair or if he’s gonna be just another possessed soul. Also joining the cast are Judd Lormand, Andrew Sensenig, Spencer Treat Clark, and David Jensen.

THE LAST EXORCISM 2 is currently in post production and is expected to drop some time in late 2012 or early 2013. Here’s the plot crunch:

The sequel follows Nell (Ashely Bell), who, six months after the first film’s events, has moved to a halfway house, only to realize that the demon that has ruined her life is still after her! Without giving anything away, the sequel takes an interesting romantic approach that’s spun around Nell’s new boyfriend, Chris (Spencer Treat Clark). A subplot is that Bell is also targeted by a group of rogue reverends who mean to kill her. The twist is said to be something never before seen in an exorcism film.

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5 Responses to Big Casting News for The Last Exorcism 2

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  2. Buzz says:

    Damn is that really the poster? That is so stupid if it is! NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2, had a possessed dude it which, I thought was pretty cool… that was until NEVER SLEEP AGAIN showed me all the gay overtones that there were in that film (seriously if your gonna have a gay protagonist in your film then make him openly gay for crying out loud, which might actually be a good angle for a horror movie protagonist).

    Anyway my point is what’s so special about a possessed dude that they feel this should be a major selling point of the movie. Mind you the plot sounds pretty freaking stupid as well. Might be good if they explain where that out of nowhere ending from the first one comes from, but the synopsis doesn’t really indicate that. Oh well a silly movie with a silly poster… anything for a buck I guess.