A New August Underground Film? Nope; It’s Mp2V

mp2v posterFilmmaker Rob Medaska dropped me an email letting me know about his new film, MP2V. The film sounds like an update of Fred Vogel’s AUGUST UNDERGROUND trilogy, and I for one welcome it. I haven’t yet seen it, but the genre needs something to shake it up. Vogel did just that with his trilogy and now I’m hoping Medaska doesn’t hold back and goes right for the juggler. MP2V is directed by Medaska, written by Medaska and Jules Graciolett, and stars Graciolett, Medaska, Linda Hall, Thomas Brigman, Corin Hall, Jackie Denieff, and Charles Scott. Check out the plot crunch:

MP2V – a rare on-line video format, designed for streaming terror. Follow a day in the life of two sociopaths as they travel through small town America on a road trip of terror. WATCH THEM as they document and film their heinous acts and create a psychotic road diary at each and every unnerving turn. MP2V will take you on a journey unlike any other conventional film a film about serial killers made by the killers themselves. And find them at MP2V.COM and locate more clues to their horrors… if you can!!

Sounds interesting. More on this one as it becomes available. Check out their website at http://www.mp2v.com for more fun.

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