Bunny the Killer Thing Hops into the Artsploitation Line-up

Ready for the tail … er, I mean tale, of a six-foot killer bunny? Well, get ready for BUNNY THE KILLER THING. The film is written and directed by  Joonas Makkonen and stars Hiski Hämäläinen,  Enni Ojutkangas,  Veera W. Vilo, Jari Manninen, and Katja Jaskari. The film has recently been acquired by US-based distributor Artsploitation Films. Check out the press release below, which also contains the plot crunch.


PHILADELPHIA, PA, December 7, 2015 – Finland, a land known for its fjords, saunas and Aki Kaurismäki will soon be famous as the home of one sexually ravenous killer rabbit. Toronto’s Raven Banner and US-based distributor Artsploitation Films announced today an all-rights deal for Joonas Makkonen’s Bunny the Killer Thing for the United States. The decidedly un-pc horror/comedy had its North American premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival in July and Artsploitation plans to release the film on Blu-ray/DVD in early 2016 with FilmRise handling the film’s VOD release.
A rabbit is very cute; a killer rabbit is kind of scary; a 6 foot tale killer rabbit is pretty frightening; and a perpetually horny 6 foot tall killer rabbit with an abnormally long penis and only a one-word vocabulary (“Pussy!”) is absolutely terrifying.
The bloody hilarious spoof follows a group of young adults who head to a remote cabin for a winter weekend. But soon they are confronted a half man, half creature who is after anything that resembles female genitals. Blood is shed and bras are shredded as Mr. Bunny wreaks havoc on the unsuspecting vacationers. Equal parts camp, gore, and comedy, Bunny has been described as, “Goofy, irreverent, and delightfully perverted” by cinemaslasher.com
bunny3Artsploitation’s Ray Murray said, “Depending on your view, Bunny is either a horribly offensive film wallowing in scenes of rape, nudity and sexual depravity or is a hilarious, inventive and blood-drenched spoof of monster movies. We hope most will side with the latter.” Sonia Lowe of Raven Banner commented, “We are proud to partner with Artsploitation for U.A. distribution with assurances that Bunny the Killer Thing is in good hands!”

This one looks pretty fun and gory. What do you think?

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New 30 Second Teaser Drops for The Final Project

Student researchers study the paranormal. Student researchers take a camera into a reportedly haunted hotspot. Student researchers wind up dead. We’ve all seen this set up before, but hopefully THE FINAL PROJECT will offer us something different. Directed by Taylor Ri’chard, co-written by Ri’chard and Zachary Davis, and starring Amber Erwin, Teal Haddock, Arin Jones, Evan McLean, Leonardo Santaiti, and Sergio Suave, THE FINAL PROJECT is set to hit limited theaters this February and March. Check out the plot crunch:

final project1

Six college students have organized the ultimate graduation project… a documentary film about one of the most notorious haunted houses in America, the Lafitte Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. A Civil War landmark with a dark past, complete with stories of mutilated soldiers, murdered families and restless shadows roaming its abandoned corridors… no one has entered Lafitte in years- until now. Outfitted with high-tech recording equipment in order to capture every moment of their great adventure, these intrepid young filmmakers bravely venture deep into the misty backwoods of Louisiana. But on this plantation that time has forgotten, something evil still waits and watches. When darkness falls, their deepest fears come to life, as one by one they’ll learn the horrifying truth that awaits all who dare seek the secrets of the Lafitte Plantation. The dead are awake, and there are some places the living should never go.

final project2

THE FINAL PROJECT is set to hit theaters in Atlanta and Houston in February 12, 2016, and then in New York and Los Angeles on March 4, 2016, and will then expand nationwide. Check out the new teaser trailer below.

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final project3



New Official Poster Drops for the Giallo Film, Francesca

The Onetti brothers are back and they aren’t messing around. Luciano Onetti and Nicolás Onetti came on the indie scene in 2013 with the Argentinean giallo film, SONNO PROFONDO. Now they’re back with a new giallo film, FRANCESCA. Written by Luciano and Nicolás Onetti and directed by Luciano Onetti, FRANCESCA stars Raul Gederlini, Silvina Grippaldi, Luis Emilio Rodríguez, Gustavo D´Alessandro. Check out the new poster and plot crunch:

Francesca New Poster 2016

It’s been 15 years since the disappearance of little Francesca, daughter of the renowned storyteller, poet and dramatist Vittorio Visconti, and the community is stalked by a psychopath bent on cleaning the city of “impure and damned souls”. Moretti and Succo, questioned by the ineffectiveness of the police force, are the detectives in charge of elucidating the mystery surrounding these “Dantesque” crimes. Francesca seems to have returned, but she is not be the same girl who everyone knew…

If you’ve seen SONNO PROFONDO–written and directed by Luciano Onetti, then you’ll know that not only can these filmmakers craft one helluva story, but visually they do some stunning work. They capture the feel of the old-school giallo film perfecting while at the same time taking it to a whole new level.


FRANCESCA will be released in Germany and Spain this year, and is looking for North American distribution. Check out more info on this film by checking out their Facebook page. Now dig on the trailer:

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Lazer Team Drops New Trailer & Release Date

The scifi-comedy, LAZER TEAM is finally seeing the light of day. Rooster Teeth has recently announced that LAZER TEAM will be hitting select theaters and YouTube Red later in January. The film is directed by Matt Hullum, is written by Hallum, Burnie Burns, Josh Flanagan, and Chris Demarais, and stars Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Colton Dunn, Allie DeBerry, and Alan Ritchson. Check out the press release, which contains the plot crunch, as well as the new trailer, some stills, and the release date.

Lazer Team4




Austin, TX – Monday, December 14, 2015 – Sci-fi comedy LAZER TEAM, the first feature film from pioneering creative studio Rooster Teeth, is coming to YouTube Red in the U.S. and theaters across North America, the UK, Australia and other territories beginning January 27. LAZER TEAM made history in July 2014 when it broke Indiegogo’s record for Most Funded Film Campaign, and thrilled audiences when the film celebrated its World Premiere at Fantastic Fest, the largest genre festival in the U.S.

In the film, four small-town losers stumble across an alien crash site containing an incredible battle suit. One round of bickering and a quick scuffle later, they each find themselves wearing a piece of the suit, which has genetically bound itself to them. Now, they must to work together as one to save humanity. With the government chasing after them and desperate to remove their new equipment at ANY cost, the foursome must learn to use a strange alien device meant for only one person, train for a battle against an omnipotent enemy, and not kill each other in the process. They may not be strong, smart, or talented… but they’re Lazer Team.

Lazer Team2

“We are thrilled that LAZER TEAM will be released simultaneously on the big screen in theaters everywhere and digitally with YouTube Red,” said Matt Hullum, LAZER TEAM director and Rooster Teeth CEO. “We couldn’t have done it without our community, from our generous IndieGoGo backers to the fans that have supported us along the way, and this release plan will allow us to share the film with all of them.”

To find theatrical screenings of LAZER TEAM and to get tickets, fans can visit LazerTeamTheMovie.com. Anyone who attends LAZER TEAM theatrical screenings on January 27 and 28 will get to see exclusive footage and receive a 25% discount to the Rooster Teeth online store. Interested event hosts can also visit LazerTeamTheMovie.com to request a screening for their community through Tugg, the world-leading cinema on-demand service.

Release Date (Theatrical & YouTube Red): Wednesday, January 27, 2016


To learn about this film, you can check out the official website and like them on Facebook. Now dog on the trailer:

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Lazer Team poster

Lazer Team3

The Hours Till Daylight Gets Release Date

Breaking Glass Pictures has announced that the supernatural flick, THE HOURS TILL DAYLIGHT will be coming to various digital platforms and DVD in March 2016. THE HOURS TILL DAYLIGHT is written and directed by Jon Garcia and stars  Vannessa VasquezDan BravermanJon Garcia, and Sarah Jannett Parish. Check out the plot crunch:

hours poster

Generation after generation, the Vasquez family have been haunted by an evil entity that has caused their family tragedy and despair. Now that Marco Vasquez is about to start a family of his own, the paranormal activity has intensified. In order to stop the curse from passing onto his son, he must confront the demon and destroy it. 

Beginning on March 15, 2016, THE HOURS TILL DAYLIGHT will be available on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Xbox, Blockbuster, and Cable VOD. Now dig on the trailer:

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New Artwork, Trailer, & Stills Drop for Bunni

What do you get when the Easter Bunny fucks Harley Quinn? Why, you get BUNNI, of course!! BUNNI comes to us from the twisted mind of writer-director Daniel Benedict and is about a group of twenty-somethings that must try and survive a night of being stalked by a killer mom with a dark secret. The films stars Benedict, Sara Ammons, Eli Blue, Kent Blue, Steve Boling, Laura Dawson, and Steve Champion. Check out the press release, which includes the plot crunch as well as the trailer and some newly released stills.


Wild Eye Releasing Debuts New Art, Trailer and Stills 
for Daniel Benedict’s Bunni Ahead of March Release
New York, NY – Fans of homicidal mama’s boys will have a new reason to scream when festival hit Bunni arrives on DVD in March.  To celebrate the blood-soaked visit with Mother, Wild Eye Releasing has unveiled new artwork, stills and a trailer for Daniel Benedict’s award-winning slasher film.

A group of teens explore an abandoned factory at the request of one of their friends. Little do they know he is leading them to a slaughter at the hands of his mentally deranged mother.

The DVD release of Bunni (SRP $19.95) will be available nationwide in March.

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The Green Inferno Now Available on DVD & Blu-ray

I think one of the most enjoyable horror releases in the theaters last year was Eli Roth’s THE GREEN INFERNO (my review). This was Roth’s love letter to the Italian cannibal sub-genre of the 1970s and 80s. The film boasted all the elements that made films such as ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST, CANNIBAL FEROX, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, and JUNGLE HOLOCAUST (damn, they do love their “holocausts”) so damn fun!! Broadly written characters, intentionally bad dialogue, gross-out special effects, and natives, who although butcher and dismember the Westerners, do so with an air of innocence. Oh yeah, and nature stock footage. Ya gotta have your nature stock footage!!

When Natives Attack!!
When Natives Attack!!

THE GREEN INFERNO his digital HD around Christmas time and has recently been released on DVD and Blu-ray. The film looks beautiful and visually has such a stark contrast to the horrors going on in the film. You can also enjoy some great commentary from Roth, producer Nicolas Lopez, and actors Lorenza Izzo, Aaron Burns, Kirby Bliss Blanton, and Daryl Sabara. THE GREEN INFERNO was one of my favorite horror films of 2015 and the Blu-ray is a most welcome addition to my collection.

What dod you think about THE GREEN INFERNO? Sound off below in the comments section.

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Welcome to the village!!
Welcome to the village!!

Trailer Drops for The Lesson

THE LESSON is an upcoming film about how far you can push someone until they snap. THE LESSON is written and directed by  Ruth Platt and stars Robert Hands, Evan BendallMichaela Prchalová, Dolya Gavanski, and Tom Cox. Check out the plot crunch:

The Lesson poster

THE LESSON follows a bullied school teacher whose mental breakdown results in a terrifying and fiercely intellectual act of revenge on his students.

THE LESSON will screen at the Slamdance film festival on Saturday, January 23rd at 10:30pm and then on Tuesday, January 26th at 10:00am. Now dig on the trailer:

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Official Trailer Drops for Clean Cut

The upcoming film, CLEAN CUT, sounds like it is going to be a pretty fun and crazy film. With the tagline, “The straightest people can be the most twisted,” I’m liking where this is going. Directed by Joseph Pepitone and written by Keith CollinsBilly Pepitone, and Joseph Pepitone, the film revolves around the long-term affects a trauma has on a young boy. The film stars Keith Collins, Doug Bollinger, Samantha Artese, Michael Billy, Billy Sample, Gervase Peterson, and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal. Check out the press release, which also contains the plot crunch:


**********FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE**********

A thrilling first look at the highly anticipated new horror / psychological thriller film.

Clean Cut poster

“The straightest people can be the most twisted”

NY, NY – The official trailer for the new award winning Horror / Thriller film, “Clean Cut” is released today. 

The trailer reveals the sadistic world of The Evangelist, a bible-quoting serial killer who has a small NJ town gripped with fear. Is he the same maniac from the past continuing his moral cleansing or a new, merciless angel of death.

“Clean Cut” tells the story of Bill Horton who at seven years old watched in horror as a serial killer murdered his mother. Known as The Evangelist, he places a bible next to her body and quotes scripture as he leaves Bill alone and destroyed. Thirty years later, Bill has grown up and appears to be a model citizen, spending his days cleaning his house and baking. He has, however, picked up the mantle of the Evangelist, killing those who he finds wicked and evil and leaving a bible by their bodies. Bill only opens up to Dr. Laura Cooper, a psychiatrist, who discovers Bill’s dark secret. She contacts young Detective Edward Legros who is working on the case with his cynical, veteran partner, Detective John Vance. But what Vance knows about the original Evangelist will lead to a bloody showdown. 
STARRING: Keith Collins (“The Meat Puppet”), Doug Bollinger (“Waltzing Anna”), Samantha Artese (“The Coffee Shop”), Michael BIlly (“The One”) WITH Billy Sample (“Former NY Yankee”), Gervase Peterson (“Survivor”) AND Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (“Guns N’ Roses”). Directed By, Joseph Pepitone (“The Jersey Devil”). Produced by Keith Collins. Executive Producers Steve Wolf (“Lady Peacock”), Jonnie Rockwell (“The Anthem”), AJ Mattioli (“Words”), Cory Green (“Rebel”). CO-Executive Producers Doug Bollinger, Joseph Pepitone. Cinematography & Edited By, Cory Green. Story By, Keith Collins. Written By, Joseph Pepitone and BIlly Pepitone. Original Music By, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal.
For more info on CLEAN CUT, check out their official Facebook page and their page on IMDb. Now you can dig not  he trailer:

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Can’t Wait to See Zombie’s Upcoming 31? You Might Want to Wait


Rob Zombie might make modern day horror films that make you think, are gory, disturbing, and downright scary, but Zombie probably finds nothing more terrifying than going up against the MPAA!! Zombie went more than a few rounds with he MPAA with his new film, 31. The MPAA slapped a big old NC-17 rating on it and Zombie had to give in and cut some of the gore from it in order to attain an R-rating. What’s so important about not having an NC-17 rating? An NC-17 rating is pretty much a death knell for any film that wants a theatrical run. No theater will touch an NC-17 film simply because there won’t be a whole lot of people seeing it. So Zombie did what any filmmaker would do and he gave in and cut the required footage in order to attain the R-rating.

31 1

But don’t worry, gore hounds–Zombie already promised fans that all the cut gore will be available in an Unrated Director’s Cut DVD:

31 tweet

Zombie went on to further assure his fans that 31 is still the film he wanted to make:

The movie was partially crowd-funded. I in no way could raise enough to make the entire film. So money came from many sources. I broke no contract because at no time did I say I was releasing an NC17 movie. Trust me if I did, everyone would be pissed because the film would be playing nowhere. Nothing is watered down, this is the game we play to make movies.

31 2

I, for one, am a huge fan of Rob Zombie’s movie career and will support 31 in the theaters, and then I’ll go buy the Unrated Director’s Cut DVD. I’m gonna have my cake and eat it too.

What do you think? Will you see this film in the theater knowing that some of the material had to be cut in order to attain an R-rating?

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