Teaser Trailer Drops for the Upcoming Lovecraft Film, The Last Case of August T. Harrison

Lovecraft banner

Back in early February 2015, I covered the first news of the upcoming H.P. Lovecraft film, THE LAST CASE OF AUGUST T. HARRISON. The film is written and directed by Ansel Faraj and stars Maggie Wagner, Jerry Lacy, Kelly Erin Decker, Nathan Wilson, Max Landwirth, and Lisa Blake Richards. Check out the plot crunch: August T. Harrison, private eye, comes out of retirement … Continue reading

Horror-Thriller Sorrow Gets Release Date

Sorrow banner

The horror-thriller SORROW will be hitting VOD and DVD on April 21, 2015. SORROW is written and directed by Millie Loredo and stars Vannessa Vasquez, Andrew Sensenig, Melissa Mars, Eric Martinez, Donny Boaz, Mary Etuk, and Heather Williams. Check out the press release which also contains the plot crunch and some upcoming screening dates. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BRINKVISION RELEASES THE HORROR/THRILLER SORROW ON VOD … Continue reading

New Stills, Poster, & Trailer Drop for Upcoming Strange Blood

Strange Blood banner

Chad Michael Ward’s upcoming feature debut, STRANGE BLOOD, will be hitting VOD on April 28, 2015 and then DVD on June 2, 2015. The film is written by Ward and Pearry Reginald Teo and stars Robert Brettenaugh, Alexandra Bard, James Adam Lim, Thomas O’Halloran, Anna Harr, and Barbara Jadczak. Check out the plot crunch: When a brilliant but obsessive scientist goes to extremes to develop … Continue reading

Press Release Drops for Debut Novel, Outbreak: The Hunger


Okay, I’m gonna be completely honest with you all. The press release I’m posting in this article for the debut novel, OUTBREAK: THE HUNGER, is my press release for my debut novel. I know, I know … shameless self-promotion!! But I’m really proud of this novel and think it’s something horror fans everywhere will enjoy. … Continue reading

Scream Machine (2015)

Scream Machine banner

The anthology horror films keep coming, and today we have SCREAM MACHINE, an anthology of five segments directed by Scarlet Fry and written by Fry and Paul C. Hemmes. This isn’t the first anthology made by Fry that I’ve reviewed. Fry also made DEATH BY VHS (which was originally titled SCREAM MACHINE) and NIGHTMARE ALLEY. … Continue reading

It Follows (2014)

It Follows banner

Today’s guest reviewer is longtime friend, Steve Spatucci. Steve and I have known each other since high school and he loves horror, sci-fi, and all things geeky as much as I do. He saw IT FOLLOWS last week (I still haven’t been able to get away to see it yet) and he agreed to write … Continue reading

New Poster & Trailer Drop for Killer Rack

Killer Rack banner

With a title like KILLER RACK you know the focus is gonna be on titties!! The film about everyone’s favorite topic is directed by Greg Lamberson, written by Paul McGinnis, and stars McGinnis, Jessica Zwolak, Debbie Rochon, Michael Thurber, Lloyd Kaufman, Brooke Lewis, and Sam Qualiana. KILLER RACK recently dropped some new artwork as it’s in post-production, getting ready to soon hit the festival … Continue reading

The Millennium Bug (2011)

Millennium Bug banner

Here’s a film I was following for quite a while when it suddenly seemed to disappear off the radar. THE MILLENNIUM BUG caught my attention back in 2012 due to its title and cover art. The film takes place on December 31, 1999 and plays off the Y2K hysteria that rocked the world. If you’re too … Continue reading

Dead Kansas Drops on Amazon Instant Video

Dead Kansas banner

The post-apocalyptic zombie short film DEAD KANSAS is now available on Amazon Instant Video. DEAD KANSAS is directed by Aaron K. Carter, written by Carter and Nicholas A. DeNicola, and stars Erin Miracle, Alexandria Lightford, Aaron Guerrero, Michael Camp, Kevin C. Beardsley, and Juliette Danielle. Check out the plot crunch: In a post-apocalyptic land consumed by “Rottens”, a simple farmer and his teenage daughter … Continue reading

Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep Premiering at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015

GB2 banner

Did ya see 2008s GUTTERBALLS? This is an extremely gory rape-revenge story set at a bowling alley. The movie boasts some fantastic practical f/x as well as one of the most graphic, disturbing rapes ever caught on camera. GUTTERBALLS developed quite the following and lead writer-director Ryan Nicholson to finally making a sequel to it, GUTTERBALLS 2: … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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