After Dark Films to Re-Launch it’s 8 Films to Die For

8 Films banner

Here’s a blast from the recent past. Remember a few years ago we used to get an annual “8 Films to Die For” festival that would play at select theaters and would then get a DVD release? Here’s the link to my reviews of the After Dark HorrorFest 2010 and 2011. The last 8 Films … Continue reading

Call Girl of Cthulhu Gets Release Date this September


Schlocky title? You bet! Promises to be a fun exploitation flick? Absolutely!! CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU will be distributed by Camp Motion Pictures and will be getting the DVD and Blu-ray treatment this September 15, 2015. CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU is written by Jimmy George and Chris LaMarti, directed by LaMarti, and stars David Phillip Carollo, Melissa O’Brien, Nicolette le Faye, Dave Gamble, Helenmary Ball, and Sabrina … Continue reading


!!!!New Release Banner02

Since I was on vacation and missed last weeks new releases, I’m going t include them as well in this weeks column. Let’s get to it!! AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: BOUQUET OF GUTS AND GORE (2014) Inspired by the notorious Japanese “Guinea Pig” series of the ’80s, this all-out exercise in depravity follows the unlucky odyssey of … Continue reading

Trailer Drops for the Wedding Horror Film, Bite

Bite banner3

As if weddings weren’t horrifying enough!! I mean seriously, what’s worse than having to ruin your entire weekend to get dressed up in an uncomfortable suit and go watch two people get hitched? Well the upcoming film BITE just made the experience even more harrowing. BITE is directed by Chad Archibald, is written by Jayme Laforest (from a … Continue reading

It’s X-Mas in July When A Christmas Horror Story Premieres at Fantasia International Film Festival

Xmas banner

If you’re like me and live in an area where the summer heat is approaching surface of the sun temperatures, then you’re already counting down to Halloween and Christmas (three months to Halloween and five months to X-Mas as of the writing of this article). Since I can’t push time ahead … yet … I … Continue reading

Trailer for The Hive Drops

The Hive banner

THE HIVE got some recognition a while back after Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Industries picked it to become the first film released under their new distribution banner. The trailer recently dropped and I must say this one looks interesting. THE HIVE is directed by David Yarovesky, written by Yarovesky and Will Honley, and stars Gabriel Basso, Kathryn Prescott, Jacob Zachar, and Gabrielle Walsh. … Continue reading

Cujo Remake News: New Title & Cast Announced

cujo banner

Next up in the unnecessary remake category comes a remake of everyone’s favorite, cuddly dog, CUJO. The original 1983 film was based in the novel of the same name by horror master, Stephen King and is about a friendly St. Bernard who gets rabies and proceeds to terrorize and entire small town. The remake, though, … Continue reading


!!!!New Release Banner05

Some decent looking releases as well as a few cult classics. Let’s get to it!! ALIEN OUTPOST (2014; my review) This sci-fi spectacular takes the form of a documentary, following two cameramen into the midst of an alien invasion exploding in the Middle East. Embedded with an army unit fighting off the hostiles from within … Continue reading

New Stills Drop for Rob Zombie’s Upcoming 31

31 banner

Whether you love him or hate him (I love him), you can never say that Rob Zombie is boring. His upcoming Halloween-based film (in that it takes place around that holiday), 31 is well under way. Zombie went on a pretty aggressive crowd-sourcing campaign for this film. I’m assuming he wanted to avoid what the studio … Continue reading

Dollface Gets Release Date this Fall


If you’re looking for a simple slasher film this Fall that promises lots of fun and blood, look no further than DOLLFACE!! DOLL FACE is written and directed by Tommy Faircloth and stars Debbie Rochon, John Kap, Jason Vail, Christian James, Patrick G. Keenan, Elizabeth Mears, and Suzie Haines. Check out the press release which also contains the plot crunch: Breaking Glass Pictures and Vicious … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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