To Hell With A Bullet (2015)


I grew up a secret Metalhead. My father, who could have been the Dad in that Twisted Sister video “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, wouldn’t allow anything wilder than Buddy Holly or the Everly Brothers in our household, and in my neighbourhood if my hair was long enough to touch the collar of my shirt, … Continue reading


!!!!New Release Banner03

Here’s this week’s new releases and re-releases. Anything catch your eye? BEYOND REMEDY (2009) A half-dozen medical students elect to take in an alternative therapy study on phobias, looking to become better doctors–and to conquer their own morbid fears. Unfortunately, the symposium has an uninvited guest–and the sadist is slaying them in turn, each in … Continue reading

Heir (2015)

Heir banner

Wow. I’m actually speechless after watching the short film, HEIR. This is the third short in the “Box Cutter Trilogy.” The trilogy, which is written and directed by Richard Powell, begins with WORM in 2010 and continues with FAMILIAR in 2012. WORM examines the seemingly meek and mild-mannered life of Geoffrey Dodd (Robert Nolan), a high school teacher. … Continue reading


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Lots of releases this week and there looks like a few gems. Which are you looking forward to? 7 IN THE TORTURE CHAMBER (2015) Thinking she’s escaped a much harsher punishment, the gorgeous, young Madison begins her mandated stay at a camp for troubled young women. Unfortunately, at Crystal Lake Retreat, she and seven other … Continue reading

Finders Keepers (2014)


Some words perfectly capture their meaning through their pronunciation. take for instance “ennui”. If you want to describe “a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest”, then the word “ennui” fits like OJ’s glove. And I’ve felt this enough times to make me wonder if my ennui over many … Continue reading

Jennifer Lynch Documentary, Despite the Gods, Gets Release Date

Despite the Gods banner

This is a documentary I’ve had on my radar for a while now. Jennifer Lynch’s documentary, DESPITE THE GODS, will be hitting VOD and DVD this May 19, 2015. Check out the press release: ANNOUNCEMENT – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BRINKVISION RELEASES THE CRITCIALLY ACCLAIMED JENNIFER LYNCH DOCUMENTARY DESPITE THE GODS ON VOD AND DVD MAY 19TH!  … Continue reading

Maggie (2015)

Maggie banner

The zombie film is alive and well in 2015. Even though I’m not a fan of the show, THE WALKING DEAD has given the zombie sub-genre a stay of execution. Unfortunately, most zombie films either offer the standard zombie story of a group of survivors going from point A to point B, or they focus more on … Continue reading

El Gigante (2015) & Slit (2015)

Shorts banner

Horror shorts don’t get much more fun than EL GIGANTE. This short film, which clocked in just under fourteen minutes, took the fun of the masked Mexican wrestling genre and threw in some torture porn and gore. I know, right!! In EL GIGANTE, Armando (Edwin Perez) only had enough money to pay a smuggler to get his wife … Continue reading

The House of Screaming Death Goes into Pre-Production

House of Screaming Death banner1

The upcoming anthology horror film, THE HOUSE OF SCREAMING DEATH, is currently in pre-production and will go start filming in August 2015. Check out the press release: AWARD WINNING BRITISH PRODUCERS KAUSH PATEL AND DAVE HASTINGS are re-teaming this year to unleash a chilling and ambitious new anthology feature film entitled ‘The House of Screaming … Continue reading

Under the Bed (2012)

Under the Bed banner

Why aren’t there more movies that exploit our childhood fears? Think about it, there’s monsters in the closet, monsters living under the bed, and if you’re my seven year old daughter, there’s “things living in our air conditioning duct work” (I have no idea). Writer Eric Stolze, who also wrote the 2014 werewolf film LATE PHASES, … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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