Honeymoon (2014)

Honeymoon banner3

What a great surprise this film turned out to be!! HONEYMOON started off like so many films before it with a standard setup and (seemingly) standard story. But director Leigh Janiak, who co-wrote the story with Phil Graziadei, took the film in a different direction. Between keeping the viewer on their toes and filling the story with tension, mystery, and … Continue reading


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Pretty slim week for horror and sci-fi releases, unless you’re looking to beef up your post-apocalyptic collection. I’m not complaining… my wallet could use a rest!! Let’s get to it: 1990: THE BRONX WARRIORS (1982) In the not-too-distant future (well, it was the future when the film was made!), New York’s toughest borough has become … Continue reading

Avengers Grimm (2015)


The mark of a good friend, some say, is the ability to not spare you from some awful truths about yourself, without losing any love or respect for you. I think I’ve proven my love for the Asylum, they of SHARKNADO and ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE fame. They have found a profitable formula by producing quick, cheap … Continue reading

Army of Frankensteins (2013)


When I was ten, there was a Saturday morning kid’s show on called THE MONSTER SQUAD. It had nothing to do with the 1987 movie of the same name, and concerned a criminology student who accidentally brought to life wax statues of Dracula, the Wolfman and Frankenstein’s monsters. The monsters, wanting to make up for … Continue reading

Exploitation Flick Homicycle Gets Release Date

Homicycle banner

Nothing makes me happier than when an exploitation flick delivers. I love all the various sub-genres of horror, but there’s something so comforting with an exploitation flick that warms my very cockles (what the hell is a cockle, anyway?). The upcoming HOMICYCLE looks like it delivers. HOMICYCLE is directed by Brett Kelly, is written by David A. Lloyd (with … Continue reading

Indie Horror Anthology, Scarewaves, Gets October Release Date

Scarewaves banner

A new horror anthology is coming our way from Camp Motion Pictures, and it sounds pretty fun. SCAREWAVES is directed by Henrique Couto, written by Couto, Jeremy Biltz, John Oak Dalton, and Ira Gansler, and stars Erin R. Ryan, Iabou Windimere, JoAnna Lloyd, Joe Kidd, Haley Madison, and Joni Durian. The anthology is slated for an October 13, 2015 digital platform release and an October 27, … Continue reading

We Are Still Here (2015)


I mentioned it before and I’m sure I’ll mention it another 1,000 times. I am not a fan of ghost stories. Especially this new slew of ghost stories that all seem to be cut from the same fabric. The INSIDIOUS franchise and all the films it spawned are too formulaic for me. These films are full … Continue reading

Scream and Scream Again (1970)

Scream and Scream Again banner

If you grew up in the South Jersey/Philly area in the 70s and 80s you will remember UHF channel 48 (look it up on the internet kids). I’ve mentioned this TV channel a few times in previous reviews. Channel 48 was my gateway to the classic horror films of the 50s, 60s, and 70s including … Continue reading

Curse of Frankenstein (1957)


In honour of the recent passing of Sir Christopher Lee (Anythinghorror’s obituary is here), I have gone back to some of his earliest, most significant film offerings in the horror genre, some of which I haven’t seen in decades. 1957’s THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN was the movie that not only launched Lee into international stardom, … Continue reading

The Encounter (2015)


What a disappointment this film was!! I covered THE ENCOUNTER a couple times over the last few months as its release date drew near and I had my hopes up for this one. The f/x and makeup in the promotional stills looked decent and the story sounded promising. The film, though, stumbled right out of the gates … Continue reading

  • Some of my favorite horror movies:
  • Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)

  • Martyrs (2008)


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